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Cost Reduction Cheat Sheet

Our Method

The Cost Reduction Method is a framework for reducing costs in small and medium size businesses and enterprises (SME). It has delivered outstanding results across various sectors and industries.

Customer Testimonials

"This methodology has delivered cost savings far beyond my expectations. Tim is a skilled practitioner who always delivers."
-- NDO, Media Company, London

Our Practitioners

Tim Lawson is an experienced cost and purchase management consultant. He has delivered many significant cost reduction programmes across a wide range of business types .

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reduce costs in my business?

You will undoubtedly reduce your costs if you implement a structured cost reduction programme. This needs to be a wide ranging review of all business costs and must engage all parts of the business.

It is particularly important to control your purchase costs and drive down contracted expenditure as you run your business.

How does the Method work?

The Cost Reduction Method (CRMe) has been developed over a number of years, building on many successes in substantially reducing costs. It focuses on delivering a low, sustainable cost base for a business.

Can I use the CRMe myself?

At the moment the Method is only available for delivery by Tim Lawson and our associates. We are working hard to produce a version of the Method which can be self-implemented by any business manager. This site will host the training and tools that are needed to do this.

Can I become an Associate and deliver the Method?

We welcome enquiries from potential associates from any country or industry sector. Please make contact with Tim to initiate a discussion on your circumstances and thoughts on what you wish to achieve.